5 Insights from Our Biggest Fight

Together, these five insights represent a roadmap for how to upgrade the internet and build the infrastructure needed to support a healthier version of the web.

The internet’s flawed architecture has led to a broken user experience that’s fueling a youth mental health crisis, the spread of misinformation, breakdowns in civil discourse, and threats to democracy. Today’s polarization and our inability to solve problems is directly linked to the technology we use to live, learn, work, and communicate. Its architecture has been co-opted and corrupted by Big Tech platforms that are hoarding the value we create online while society is paying the price.

Shifting power from dominant platforms to people and returning data control to individuals will revolutionize both the digital and physical worlds. But this level of systemic change is possible. Project Liberty’s open-source Decentralized Social Networking Protocol (DSNP) enables users to reclaim and control their data and can support a healthier digital ecosystem, where apps are interoperable, data is portable, and platforms must adhere to our terms.

Our digital data is deeply personal and central to our identity, yet it’s often exploited by tech giants for profit, leading to dehumanization and societal harm. By prioritizing human values and redesigning technology accordingly, we can harness the internet’s potential for positive impact and break free from Big Tech’s surveillance, exploitation, and manipulation.

The immense wealth and control amassed by tech giants highlights the value of data which, if accessible to individual users in a new internet era, will foster massive economic innovation and growth. Ensuring digital property rights will fuel unprecedented progress, offering everyone the opportunity to participate and benefit from a new, healthier digital economy. 

We’re dangerously off course from an internet that was originally designed to bring people together. With the emergence of AI, we’re inching closer to a full unraveling of our social fabric. Fortunately, we can choose to build a better future. But we need to act now. Project Liberty and its growing network of partners are optimistic that if we seize this moment to redesign the internet, our best days lie ahead. Join us.

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